What does the text tell us about?


Read the text and answer the question!



   Once, a hunter lived in a village. He used to boast of his brave hunting trips to the villagers. The villagers respected him a lot. He mostly told everyone how he had fought a lion bare handed or of killing an elephant with a single bullet. He said that the tiny animals used to get scared even at the sight of him.

   One day, the hunter was passing through a forest. A woodcutter from the same village was busy cutting trees.
The boastful hunter approached him and said, "How are you? It's a fine day, isn't it?"
"Yes, Yes, indeed!" the woodcutter replied.
"Well, can you tell me if you have seen some footprints of the lion nearby? It’s been months since I killed any."

   The woodcutter knew that the hunter only boasted. So he said, "Yes, a lion is in a nearby den. Can I take you there?"
But the scared hunter said, "No... No... I only just wanted to see his footprints."

Finally, the boastful hunter ran away from the spot.


What does the text tell us about?

  1. Boastful hunter.

  2. Brave lion.

  3. Brave hunter.

  4. Lonely lion.

S. Difhayanti

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka

Jawaban terverifikasi


Cerita naratif di atas menceritakan seorang pemburu yang sangat berani (brave hunter) yang tinggal di sebuah pedesaan.


Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah C.



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The correct answer for number 1 is ...

Jawaban terverifikasi


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