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Bachroen A

12 November 2022 10:58

Tiara ___ her room once a week. a. To clean b. Clean c. Cleans d. Cleaning


Nanin N

07 November 2022 11:13

Basic things can be replaced by .... A. Supporting elements B. Additional features C. Serious problem D. Initial condition E. Main factors

Tamiwin T

06 November 2022 09:16

... your room when you were a student? a. is it b. is there c. was it d. were there e. will there be

BetariaNengsih B

03 November 2022 01:44

Buatlah 1 contoh thesis statement

Azizah S

14 Oktober 2022 08:58

Apa perbedaan statistic, statistics, dan statistical

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Hafilah T

09 Agustus 2022 23:19

“Buildings contribute to human life when they provide shelters, enrich space, complement their site , and are economically feasible.” The word “feasible” is closest in meaning to.. a. Without question b. Achievable c. In existence d. Most likely e. Impartible

Binar S

08 Agustus 2022 00:36

Bali ......... magnificent scenery. In fact, it ...... one of the most wonderful islands in the world. a. have , has b. has, are c. have, is d. have, have e. am, have

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Melati M

06 Agustus 2022 02:06

If … of economic cycles had been helpful in predicting turning points in cycles, they would have been used more consistently. a. psychological theories c. theories psychologies b. psychological theory d. theoretical psychologists

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Siti M

18 Juli 2022 06:55

Her…brother Works in a big company in this city

Desmawati D

11 Juli 2022 06:33

If you do not require a visa, you must still have a valid machine-readable passport and complete the green I-94 form. All forms must be ___________ in block capital using a black or blue pen. 6.(A) completed (B) completing (C) complete (D) to being completed



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