SMA Bahasa Inggris: Pertanyaan, Jawaban, Latihan Soal & Pembahasan


Muhammad Z

Ditanya 2 menit yang lalu

Ari : One of the causes of global warming is air pollution which increasing every day. What do you think about reducing air pollution? Kresna: ........ a Use a motorcycle every day b. Buy a new car c. Don't go anywhere d. I think is use public transportation is of the best opinion e. Nothing


Melati M

Ditanya 2 jam yang lalu

My father is my mother's _______.

Fifa H

Ditanya 2 jam yang lalu

Who is ... our coffee? a. setting b. set up c. setted up d. set up e. setting up

Matahari M

Ditanya 2 jam yang lalu

This type of caption contains a complete description. It answers the question of 5W called? A. cutline B. summary C. expanded D. quote

Mawar M

Ditanya 2 jam yang lalu

These are the expressions of offering for service ... A. Let me help you. B. I can give my hand. C. Let me help you. D. Can you help me? E. Would you help me. F. Would you take this chair? G. May I borrow the pen. H. What do you think? I. Give me a paper. J. I think is good



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